Mielno is a well-known tourist destination with sandy beaches on the Baltic coast. The sea here is shallow and not very salty, making it ideal for tourists to enjoy.  The climate is mild in comparison to the rest of the country. The average temperature is 1 degree C in February, up to 19 degrees C in the summer (July and August). Besides, the air is so healthy and clean because the Baltic Sea is a natural source of iodine making the atmosphere of Mielno saturated with natural iodine. There is  more iodine in the Baltic Sea than in the Mediterranean.


Mielno is a town lying beautifully between two waters bodies – Baltic sea on one side and Lake Jamno on the other side. With so many adventure activities around the area makes frequently visited place by tourists of all ages. The lake is a great place for water sports or fishing. The entire Jamno Lake is located in the Mielno Commune. It is a shallow lake, the average depth is about 1.4 m, while the maximum depth is 3.9 m. Established from a former sea bay, Jamno is connected with the Baltic Sea through a canal called Jamieński Nurt. The dominant fish species in the Jamno waters are: bream, pike perch and European eel.


The promenade stretches along the sea front. It was built in 1908 to protect the city from the destructive effects of waves and strengthen the shore. In 2018, the promenade was rebuilt and extended to nearly 2 kilometers. It quickly gained popularity among city residents and tourists. There are various types of catering outlets, souvenir stalls and descent to beaches that have been adapted for the disabled


It is situated at the main entrance to the beach (Kościuszki Street). It is a symbol of the International Rally organized in Mielno since 2004, attended by thousands of winter bathing enthusiasts. Year after year, The event breaks records for sea people.


Thanks to its location, Mielno has many attractions, which is why it is a great place to relax for both families with children and young people for adventure activities. These attractions include the following :-  §  Numerous cycle path: o   Mielno - Koszalin (length - 14 km) o   Koszalin - Mścice - Mielno (length 12 km) o   The Seaside Red Trail (length - 45 km) o   Blue Route of Palaces (length - 75 km) §  Forest Loop of adventure and secrets in Mielno (about 1 km from Villa Kashmir)  §  Rope park in Mielno (2.1 km from Villa Kashmir)  §  Attractions on Lake Jamno o   Water equipment rentals, o   Yacht marina, o   Fishing in Mielno o   Courses: KITESURING and WINDSURFING §  Fishing Harbor in Unieście (about 2.5 km from Villa Kashmir) §  Przystań Rybacka in Chłopach (about 3 km from Villa Kashmir by the beach, 5 km by road) §  Treasury of the Fishing Village and others in Chłopy (about 3 km from us by the beach, 5 km by road) §  Promenade in Sarbinowo (about 7 km from Villa Kashmir) §  Lighthouse in Morska in Gąski (about 10 km from Villa Kashmir) §  Jamneński Nurt Channel (about 10 km from Villa Kashmir) §  Hortulus Theme Gardens in Dobrzyca (about 19 km from Villa Kashmir)

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