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Address: st. Wojska Polskiego 2 76-032 Mielno

To Koszalin, from where DK No. 11 to Mścice and then DW No. 165 to Mielno (13 km)
To Goleniów (124 km) or to Gdańsk (216 km)
To Koszalin, from where during the holiday season run to Mielno by rail buses correlated with long-distance trains (13 km)
During the holiday season, the Koszałek ship, which can take 65 passengers and wheelchairs, travels across Jamno Lake from the marina in the Jamno estate to two marinas in the Unieście estate in Mielno.

Willa Kashmir is located 12 km from Koszalin in Mielno. Main entrance at the corner of Bolesława Chrobrego Street and Wojska Polskiego Street. Near the bus stop.

Precise description:

Access via the main road number [165], then Lehitów and Bolesław Chrobrego, on the right we pass the "Biedronka" shop, 150 m further there is the Deer Monument, on the left is the entrance to Wojska Polskiego Street, which we turn into, 50 m further on the right side is the Villa Kashmir.

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